A few years ago when I begun writing on a Romanian blog I got people telling me to write more. I perfectly understood why, but I never understood when as in how much. This got me thinking lately.

Here, on lucianmarin.com I decided that I should write an article once a month and no more because it will let people thinking that I don’t have better things to do. But I do.

My site didn’t become popular because of my writings, instead one of my WordPress theme was an unexpected success. It created a vortex effect where everything else I created got sucked in no matter what I did. Design, photography, web development, articles — almost everything became second or nowhere to be seen. Think of Apple after iPod was introduced, they became something else entirely and people seen them differently.

This is not me, I always said to myself. I can do more, much more. I never settled on being the WordPress guy. So, at this point in time I will start to let people know that I’m not what they see, I’m what I want them to see. Writing more is probably just the beginning.