Before I begin, I want to say that writing isn’t a easy task for me. I’m not a native English speaker and I mostly feel embarrassed every time I think I make a mistake. This happens probably because being a designer, I’m also a perfectionist. Sometimes perfection gets in the way of doing things. So, this piece of text is about how can I solve the perfectionist writing complex.

The only key to move forward is to find solutions. Solutions come when you ask the right question and you get the right answer. Also, getting to write a good article you need three parts: an introduction, the main content part and the final statement. To get the words out of my head, I’m gonna ask a question for each part every time I’m gonna write an article. Simple, straight forward and to the point — these are the ingredients of a good solution.

Just to be clear with you, I’ve begun writing this article asking myself three questions: “Why I’m stuck with writing?”, “Do I have any solutions?” and “What else can I write about?”. What you’re reading now is only the answers. Answers that I had in less time (about an hour) than writing only when I have inspiration.

As you can see, my problem with writing isn’t about not having any good ideas, it’s mostly about how can I get those ideas out of my head and actually, do something meaningful while I still have them. Writing helps me procrastinate less and do more. This way I try to put myself in the shoes of a doer instead of a consumer. Being in a consumer mindset is a totally waste of time and money. After all, I’m not Philip Schiller and I don’t want to drive a Bugatti Veyron.