We should strive for invention (discovery), not for innovation (something new). Why? Because a great idea is always better than a new idea. Greatness is not a given, it can only be achieved.

Start inventing

Go outside, take a walk in the park and start using your mind to concept things that are 50% imagination and 50% reality. Every great idea started this way. You should focus on imagining things until they meet reality, at that point everything you thought about can be made possible. For real.

Make it work

The hardest part is to make things work. It’s not impossible. Start at the core of your idea, try to fix the problems that are basic and easy solvable. Build on that. Try to find the next piece of the puzzle that is related to the core. Somehow things will work even you don’t believe they will. It happened to me, it happened to others, it can happen to you.

Albert Einstein did it, Max Planck did it before him, why can’t you? They were only people, not geniuses, just people.