I always dreamed up to have the perfect camera. But the perfect camera was never made. iPhone 4S had the build quality that I want from a camera, but it was lacking picture quality — it was just a phone after all.

I sat down and thought about want I really want from a digital camera today. Do I really want something designed by Jony Ive and Marc Newson and made by Leica or something designed by me and made by Sony? Obviously I’ll go with the second choice on any given day.

The core features of Sony Z Camera:

The Top


Top plate is featuring one single button. The simplicity of one button is probably the only reason I will want to buy a camera these days.

Make sure the settings (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc.) are fine, focus, reframe, take the shot. That’s it!

The Front


The lens cover is made of dark painted circle surrounding the sapphire glass. A perfectly positioned round flash is right in the middle. The Sony logo is scaled to fit the black painted margins of the lens cover.

The Sony Z Camera is influenced by the popular Sony Xperia Z series phones where the minimalist design is the key differentiator over the competition.

The Back


On the back there is a 5:3 touchscreen featuring a healthy dark frame which helps people focus when taking pictures — hence not needing an eye viewer.

On the right there are 3 pre-configured buttons: record, up, down. Their function can be changed by software.

Sony Z Camera needs to have Wi-Fi for Internet publishing, Bluetooth for audio playback and a mobile operating system. Perhaps Android will handle everything just fine. The camera should come equipped with 32GB (or more) flash drive and a high-quality non-removable battery. It helps to have a perfect sealed device for rough environments.

The cost of the device should be $500, just like an iPad.