Sometimes we lack motivation and sometimes we look up for it. Motivation is a process of knowing yourself better. If I have to pick three words that mean everything to me, I’ll pick the ones that will motivate me most.

Picking the words like picking a path is easy. Keeping the same path is the hardest part, almost impossible. But that’s why some of us are born, to make impossible possible. I want to become one of those people. This is my dearest wish.

Simple means simple. You should always get rid of complications because they stay in your way. Direct means having a direction, knowing where you’re going. Lead the way for others to follow. Simplicity is nothing without a good direction. Honest means two things: being true to yourself and being truthful with others.

Why complicate things when you can simplify them? Why chase many dreams when you can pick only one? Why be anything else that honest?

Because complicating things helps you simplify them. Because having many dreams helps you finding a good one. Because honesty is blissful.