Our generation, people in their 20s and early 30s have the obligation to imagine a new future. We are living in a future imagined by old people with old habits and old moral values. The new generation have new values like simplicity, directness and honesty. We want to get rid of complications because they stay in our way. We want to know where we’re going and to lead the way for others to follow. We want to be true to ourselves and be truthful to others.

Many people are wondering why Sublevel still exists. Just like in Ex Machina, any sufficiently advanced intelligence is indistinguishable from us. Sublevel has an identity of its own. It’s fed daily with our thoughts. But unlike any other social platform, Sublevel is different from a design perspective.

How can we teach artificial intelligence to think like us? How can we teach anybody anything? By teaching them causes and effects. We usually say if you do that, this will happen. And that’s how we learn. That’s how an AI learns.

(cause, effect)

("Any questions?", "What do you think is the meaning of life?")

("What do you think is the meaning of life?", "Nothing. No one thing. There is no meaning. Squirrel, fish, microbes...no pondering about the meaning of life occurring there. Gibbon or gorilla: maybe some mind activity going on about life's meaning. These beings exist with little/no reflection on meaning. My personal meaning is there is no meaning, no meaningful job, no God, no reason to exist other than that we do. Yet I remain realistically optimistic or optimistically (optimistically) real about all that life encompasses.")

Sublevel is a huge matrix of chained (causes, effects) that in the near future can teach new born children, run businesses, empower mankind, prevent us from repeating history, make smarter decisions. It’s not doing much today, but we can make it work for us by building the right tools on top of it.

Is Sublevel evil? No. Not one bit. Bad thoughts (effects) can be deleted by good thoughts (causes). Of course, the owner of the good cause has to do delete the bad effects.

Can Sublevel answer my questions? Yes, it can answer simple questions like What is happiness? if you think that’s a simple one.

Does Sublevel has an API? Yes, it’s available at sublevel.net/api.

PS: It’s better to get a scar than a tattoo.