We say stupid things on Twitter, we post self made pictures on Instagram that look like those from glossy magazines, we do the same thing on Facebook, but when we are actually drunk. The worst of all these things get shared on Tumblr. Everything is broadcasted live 24/7.

Do we want to stop? No way! We actually praise Google for giving us Glass so we can continue to do everything I mentioned above even more easily. Who cares about the next generation? How would they get used to all of this nonsense, how would they even manage it? Do we really think Mark cares about his children or the world in which his children will live?

The web is a social network because everything that makes it was created by individuals. Does the web needs some lame social networks? Apps created especially for those networks? The answer is no. What the web needs is careful curated content that the next generation will find useful and valuableā€¦ and apps that can manage all of this content. Our kids can use the tools we create today to build a future we can only dream of.

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