For months I tried to design a new interface for my website. There have been lots of ideas and lots of thoughts. I wanted the old design to became a classic (maybe it did, maybe not) but then I changed my mind since I’m a man that likes to create new things and play with new ideas. One idea I experimented with the new layout is the vertical grid, every text line is vertically aligned between content and sidebar areas.

I wanted to get rid of the static pages, it was hard to update those. I wanted the new site to be lighting fast, so there are no images for the layout, all details are made in CSS and there’s no JavaScript at all. Pictograms that you see here and there are made in CSS too. I will release these icons for public use in a package called Peculiar.

You might noticed that there isn’t a logo anywhere. That’s because I have new ideas about how a new logo should look like.

New logo design process

Comments are disabled because they are the only thing that makes a journal to be a blog. I don’t want a blog, I want a journal of my online activities. I may also want feedback, but I think a short and interesting e-mail will do it better — of course I will answer to any of them.

After all that being said, he wishes he was born in a country where (Romanian) English was the official language.