In a world where nothing is taken for granted, where nothing is given for granted, we have to stand on our own, to make a stand, to give our dreams some perspective, some depth.

In this world everything has a cause and an effect. Obviously you say, but what makes this possible is our actions. We’re part of an Universe that never stood still, that evolved beyond any means and any limits. I don’t know for sure if there is another Universe, because I didn’t notice any action coming from it or towards it. The equation is simple. You give or receive, send or retrieve, you already made an action. Since our Universe is made of actions, what is an action?

A complete, meaningful action has value. The cause has reached the effect, the effect has produced a result, the result has value. This is an action, a complete cycle of sub-actions, little things that might be causes or effects. All these actions can be layered, leveling up or down, you notice the difference between last year and this year, but not between last minute and this minute. Isn’t this minute equally the same as the last minute? It just seems like it. It might be a trick, a trick of nature, a trick of the way things are or just the way things manifest themselves.

Why is this important?

Now imagine yourself building a virtual Universe. I’m calling it virtual because that’s how people relate to things that aren’t part of the real Universe. Wait… that’s just too confusing, isn’t it? They’re one and the same. But let’s go back to building one. You’ll need to understand the Universe that you’re part of. You, yourself, your thoughts, you—the human being, you’re just an action of the Universe, a manifestation. You’re the sum of causes and effects that produced the action “you”. Then you disappear. You disappear not because life has a limit, you disappear because the other actions are little more important than you. Just like the minutes, you don’t notice the difference.

Why building an Universe?

Building an environment that can hold actions is important. More important that the first kiss, the first walk in a park, the first breath, the first heart beat. These are all actions, not just simple actions, actions that have value, that produced value for the bigger action that is “you”, the human being, the one that is now thinking and reacting to this. No matter what action will you take now, it won’t have value, so don’t bother, continue to read, continue to understand.

The continuum is full of all sorts of actions. Now let’s take these little facts and try to build something we call a website, a social network, an environment for me, an app for others. How is this gonna look like, how is it gonna work, how is this thing gonna feel, is it tasteless, purposeless? Familiarity is the key when building new things, you can’t just make purple dots or draw infinite lines. It won’t work. People are entities that have thoughts. Their thoughts should be displayed on a site. The site should be reached by all sorts of people. People are hunting in groups, their thinking isn’t much different.

Sublevel is now yours.