We’ve become… scratch that. We are empty avatars on meaningless social networks.

You go on and on and on, until that moment when you ask yourself: what the … am I doing here? You just realize that people you met aren’t the people you thought they are. This thing happen in cycles. Sometimes the cycles are shorter, sometimes the cycles are longer. It feels like we are rotating in circles at different speeds. When the speed is higher, the circle we draw is bigger. When the speed is lower… well, you get it.

The funny thing is when people get hurt. It feels not funny at all. Probably is just the ending of a cycle or a circle. We close it, then we have to move on.

Twenty Four Seven

Life happens while we are sitting in front of a desk 24/7. We’re living in the modern world. Nobody is a slave on a rich man plantation now, they are slaves to the big corporations. Corporate people that are milking other corporate people’s shaking hands.

Talking about hands, even sitting in front of a desk all day long can cause lots of health problems — from neck and back pain to ulnar nerve becoming trapped or pinched.