I know, I know… I shouldn’t have started this article with such a catchy title. I should have gone with “Fruit Madness”, “This is Sparta, Fruit” or maybe “Return of the Fruit”. But making juice is like listening to the summer hit. I don’t know what this summer hit is, but now I know how to make juice.

Back in February, I was watching a movie where one guy loved his blender more than anything. That was weird and I remember it! And then comes my love for juice, any juice, every juice, only juice. Mixing those two ideas was a natural way to start an addiction.

I’m a rookie when it comes to anything that involves kitchen. Things get better over time, I have to admit this too. My first attempt at making juice was a complete disaster. Two grapefruits and a bit of cold water were smashed by the blender. The result was something closer to the worst lemonade you can buy from the cheapest restaurant than juice.

After more than a month of trial and failure, it came to this:

Fruits blending machine

My recipe varies by the ingredients that I have. Although the basics are the same. So, here’s a list of the things I recommend:

Regarding the blender, any cheap blender from the local store will do the trick. It’s more of a personal taste than anything. I don’t recommend juicy extractors. You lose more than 50% of the content of the fruit by using them, even on citrus fruits.