I know I didn’t write for awhile now; well I have been busy with (real) life and other stuff. Yesterday, I received Geronimo!’s latest EP, “A Different Kind of Greatness” from Ben Grigg.

A Different Kind of Greatness

The album has five tracks: Your New Shadow, Approaching the Skyline, Do the Driving, Black Gate City and Ender. Even if “Aproaching the Skyline” sounds amazing, my favorite song is “Ender”, it fits with my current mood. I should add that they play rock with some indie influences.

Two interesting facts about the band is that they don’t have a bass player and they make and design their own merchandise.

Go listen: thegeronimoband.bandcamp.com

After all that being said, he agrees with the guys that there is a special place in (heaven) hell for the creator of auto tune.