What should I write about? The fact that life is stupid or the fact the fact that we make it stupid. Then we come to wonder how did we end up like this.

One particular thing that itches me every time I hear it is the expression “nobody’s fault”. Somebody dies, somebody is sick, somebody close to you is having a problem, somehow you’re staying in the way of someone trying to solve their problems, yet you don’t take any blame. I can go on and list all the things that you can improve in your life or in the life of the people close to you. But who am I? I’m just somebody that takes the blame.

World would be a better place if everyone will just care. Take the blame, take the responsibility, make your life meaningful. Fight for something, lose something, win nothing or more than you imagine — a better life.

A few guys with PhDs in various fields will contradict me saying that I’m wrong because they’re the smart-asses who can see the truth. Who the fuck am I? Just another web designer. Probably not even a good designer, just web «something».

After all that being said, he agrees that some people are heartbroken, others are just broken.