I could be a high school math teacher, I could be working for Intel, I could be doing research on electronic components and so on… but life made me chose a different path long time a ago.

Why did I choose design? Because design is physics, design is math, design means focusing on the important features and scrapping the unimportant details. Design is underrated today. Design is not art, not only art, design means everything and everything means design. You can’t retire from designing, there will always be something to be designed (perfected).

Design is pure intellectual joy. It means to create, yet it means to engineer. Design is made out of equations that balance the forms and the functions of objects, environments and everything in between those two.

I want in my life time (flying) levitating cars to become a reality. I know it’s possible. I know that it’s hard to get to even create a demo of a car powered by wireless current levitating on a magnetic field. Imagine clean streets, no air pollution, no sound pollution, no wheels, cars levitating twenty inches above the surface of Earth. Ten feet above, another car levitating and driving at insane speed without causing accidents. Twenty feet above, another car and so on.

The needed technology, Quantum Levitation, to make levitating cars possible is available today, yet no one is focusing on this. All the today corporations are thinking how to make quick money — advertising, constructions, phones, tablets, you name it. Nobody is thinking about the future because nobody is getting money from the future. The world needs real designers, a modern day Leonardo da Vinci.