Can you choose what to do? I bet you do. We live in a world where the only way forward is to make choices. Letting others make the choices for us is a step backward.

The thing is that we are afraid of making wrong choices. It’s not a bad thing to always be right, but in the long run it can be a burden and it won’t get you too far. Making wrong choices from now and then can relax your thought, freeing your mind like they say in the Matrix. Can you remember that scene from the movie when Neo tries to jump from one building to another? He focuses on doing everything right and as expected, he fails harder.

Be stressed about the right choices you already made and don’t be worried that you gonna make some wrong ones too. The right choices are the ones that get you far, bring you satisfactions and you will almost die for to make it through. The wrong choices are there to keep you focused on what is important. I won’t tell you what is important because in the end, I’m not you.

After all that being said, he made the (right) wrong choice to write this entire article on his iPhone using Simplenote app.